Prices in Speed Queen Chojnice self service laundry

Simple operations, simple rules. A unique self-service laundry where you pay for the amount of laundry, not the type of laundry. No matter what program you choose, charge is the same. Click the PROMOTIONS tab and check how to get discount.

10 kg washing machine - 23PLN

The washing machine size is ideal for big everyday laundry.

14 kg washing machine - 29PLN

Huge washing machine for extra size things. Ideal for whole week laundry.

15kg dryer - 8 PLN for 10 min

Big dryer will quickly dry your laundry.

Opening hours

You don't have to hurry. Our self service Speed Queen Chojnice laundry is open everyday

from 6:00 to 23:00

weekends and all holidays also

Laundry with delivery

You are on business trip and don't have time to vist our laundry room? Or you are at holidays and wish to not move outside the forest? No matter what you do, you can always use our on-call service.
We will drive to you, take your laundry, wash, dry and bring them back werever you are - campsite, hotel or agroturism farm.
Usually, the service is done in less than 24 hours
The prices start at 69 PLN

Call and let us know when and where we can find you +48 729 979 602

Speed Queen self service laundry
ul. Modra 4, 89-600 Chojnice
entrance next to Biedronka store

Speed Queen Chojnice Loyalty Card
- the best way for cheaper laundry

Every day washing and drying at a lower price! Lower prices apply with the Speed Queen Loyalty Card. You can buy the card for 30 PLN in the laundry at the payment machine. Select an item: Purchase a loyalty card.
Pralnia Speed Queen Chojnice - pralka 10kg

10 kg washing machine - 21 PLN

Each wash is 2 PLN cheaper

price without loyalty card 23PLN

Pralnia Speed Queen Chojnice - pralka 14kg

14 kg washing machine - 27 PLN

Each wash is 2 PLN cheaper

price without loyalty card 29 PLN

Pralnia Speed Queen Chojnice - suszarka 15kg

15kg dryer - 7 PLN for every 10 min

Each drying is 1 PLN cheaper for every 10min!

price without loyalty card 8 PLN


Mobile: +48 729 979 602

Address: Chojnice ul. Modra 4

entrance next to Biedronka store

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